“A taula s’ven nen vec.”
“At the table you don’t grow old.”

Piedmont was for a long time the home of the king of Italy. The noble house of Savoy left an indelible imprint on this region, both in the artistic-cultural aspect and in terms of culinary tradition. The territory of Piedmont has helped in this regard, with its mountainous part in the north where unparalleled mountain pasture cheeses are produced, but also thanks to the hills of the Langhe, a Unesco World Heritage Site, where timeless wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco are produced and where what is known as the best hazelnut in the world, the Langhe IGP hazelnut, is grown.
It was precisely by using hazelnuts from the Langhe that Piedmontese pastry chefs invented a mouth-watering specialty: baci di dama. Another of the specialties that has made Turin and Piedmont famous throughout the world is undoubtedly zabaglione, which is simple but irresistible and has been popular since the time of the monarchy.

Discover all the timeless specialties of Piedmont and its great little producers!

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Barolo DOCG

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