“Chi è lento pe’ magnà, è lento pe’ faticà.”
“He who is slow to eat is slow to work.”

Umbria, also known as the “Green Heart of Italy,” is the only region in central and southern Italy that is not washed by the sea. It makes up for this lack, however, with its stunning hills and pristine forests, where legumes, grains and truffles grow naturally. Among the hundreds of Umbrian medieval villages where one can breathe in true Italian tradition, two of the most famous and significant are undoubtedly Assisi and Orvieto.
Meat, extra-virgin olive oil and wine rule the day in Umbria. Game ragouts are the most popular condiments in classic Umbrian trattorias, but traditional legume and grain soups are also the order of the day in the diets of its inhabitants. Roveja and Trasimeno Bean are just two of the multitude of rare and delicious legumes you can find in Umbria.

Get ready to discover the Umbria of food-it’s never been easier!



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