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The People: Andrea and Ivano Brunelli

The Philosophy: Respect the land where they grew up by producing natural wines through sustainable methods

Valpolicella Classica, 1990. Andrea and Ivano Brunelli’s father bought land in this wonderful area, exactly in the middle between beautiful Verona, Lake Garda and the Lessini mountains. The estate is surrounded by the estates of Serego Alighieri, a descendant of the great poet Dante. In this area naturally suited for wine production, the Brunelli family dedicated itself to its passion, the cultivation of the vineyard, planting vines right from the start. Thus, in 2011, Corte Bravi, the winery of Andrea and Ivano Brunelli was born, which, today as then, produces wine naturally only from its certified organic grapes. All the energy used in the winery is derived from absolutely natural sources, which makes it a true excellence, not only in the world of wine, but also from the point of view of respect for the environment and sustainability.

ANDREA AND IVANO BRUNELLI are two brothers who share a love for their land and a passion for making wine. Growing up among the vineyards, they devote body and soul to cultivating the field and grapes in order to obtain natural, authentic and sincere wines, mirrors of the land that welcomed and forged them. The two brothers make their wine without asking more from the vineyard than it can naturally bestow; in the winery they use no synthetic additives and fermentation takes place spontaneously on indigenous yeasts. The wine you will find in Corte Bravi’s bottles is the result of Andrea and Ivano’s ideas and determination and reflects their beautiful land, Valpolicella Classica.

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