Ulivi pugliesi e terreni Mio Padre è Un Albero
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The People: Lidia Antonacci

The Philosophy: Respect the earth and nature, cultivating it with love to make genuine and delicious oil and vegetables

Mio Padre è un Albero is a bond that has deep roots that start from afar. They start from the history of man, speak of his relationship with nature and sink into a generous and splendid land, the Tavoliere delle Puglie. In this endless plain Lidia has her own piece of land, handed down to her by her parents and which has belonged to the family for generations. Lidia’s great-grandmother started the tradition that today Lidia proudly carries on and every day improves; 700 olive trees originally, placed to protect what remains of an old historic masseria and that today thanks to Lidia have increased in number, and she knows them one by one. Mio Padre è un Albero markets only and only what comes from his own land; you will not be able to find anything among Lidia’s products that is not 100 percent natural. After all, according to her, there is no other way to work but this.

LIDIA ANTONACCI is an independent woman, happy and enthusiastic about life. From a very young age she felt within herself a very strong bond with the land, a land that nurtured her, cared for her and raised her, to which today Lidia returns all the good she received from it. After her studies, she felt the need to return to her fields, to work those trees she had grown up with and produce the purest extra virgin olive oil, of an excellent quality and in the most natural way possible. Lidia’s father is indeed a tree, because Lidia is part of nature and her land.

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